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Keeping Your Cat from Being Bored:


We get asked this question many times so here are some helpful tips to keep your cat going.


First, understand, cats are THINKERS.  They are natural hunters who need stimulation.  Some love to watch birds fly, some are fascinated by water and some just want to kill that (toy) mouse!



Many cats LOVE play time and toys are an essential part of that.  Fuzzy toy mice, plastic balls, laser lights, wands, crinkle balls, tubes to run through, there are endless possibilities.  It’s good to have a variety of toys so cats have different stuff to choose from at any given point.  Sometimes, cats get bored of even their favorite toys.  A great way to make them new again is to relocate them or to simply put them away for a few weeks.  The cat will forget all about that jingly blue ball and when you bring it back out a few weeks later, bam, renewed interest.  You don’t have to get expensive toys either.  Pet stores, Amazon, Walmart, even the local dollar stores are now carrying kitty toys.  Better yet, make your own!  Taking an empty toilet paper roll and cutting it into a 2-inch ring can give hours of kitty delight.  Take a stick and tie a shoestring on it to play with your cat (supervised, of course).  You can search online for ideas as well.



Many cats like to be entertained.  Give them access to a good window and bam, no cable tv necessary!  They can watch the birds, trees swaying in the breeze, the little lizards crawling on your screens, you name it.  There are cat hammocks you can hang in windows for cats to perch and watch from, you can set a cat tree by a good view or even build your cat a purrrfect cat window seat.  If you have a screened in porch, your cat will LOVE you.  This will allow your fluffy buddy to safely watch and smell what’s going on without the threat of bugs or predators.



Believe it or not, some cats like to watch tv!  There are even specially made shows and videos for cats you can search for online.  Some like videos of fish, birds, squirrels, you name it.  There are now even games for cats that they can play on tablets and other touch screen devices.  Some companies even make “fake fish tanks.”  These little gadgets look and move like real fish in water and will keep your cat entertained for hours.



Many kitties don’t like to be alone.  This is why it’s recommended to get two together, if you can.  (See our tab on Introducing Cats if you decide to add another cat to your household down the road.)  They can keep each other company, nap together, play together or stalk lizards on the sliding glass door together.  Some cats bond with other animals as well.  You can find all kinds of pictures and videos of cats being best buddies with ferrets, goats, birds, bearded dragons, hedgehogs, rabbits, you name it.  Cats are social animals by nature.



The most important thing in keeping your cat happy and from being bored is YOU!  Spend quality time with them each and every day.  Play with your kitty!  They need to release all their pent-up energy and it helps them build a closer bond with you.  If they like wand toys, wave and dart them around like prey!  Swinging the stick a bit here and there is not going to cut it, be the bird!  This will help bring out the cat’s natural hunter instincts, get out their energy and entertain you.  Turn off most of the lights at night and turn on a kitty laser light and watch them slide and fly all over the place.  Throw crinkle balls into their kitty tubes to chase after.  Whatever your cat is into, do it.  The quality time you spend together is priceless!