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Wish List

Wish List:

Anita, our director, needs a new truck! It has been fixed so many times and is almost beyond repair. 


Cat/kitten food (wet and dry) -Purina One Salmon for adults & Purina One Kitten

Cat litter (clumping/scoopable)

Cardboard scratchers (small size) for our kitties in the pet stores.  

Cat traps to humanely trap feral/stray cats (double door live trap, model 107 – or call 800-272-8727) 

Costco gift cards (where we buy dry cat food = over $15,000 a year!) 

Digital camera

Dryer sheets (unscented)

Gas cards (we drive to feed 70+ feral colonies daily) 

Laptop computer (new or used, in good condition)

Blank computer paper

Laundry detergent (unscented)

Paper Towels 

Trash Bags

Pee pads 

PETCO gift cards

PetSmart gift cards 

***Encourage your school, class, church, business or family to take up a wish list collection.  In-kind donations add up to major savings and mean we have more money to put towards spaying/neutering feral cat colonies and providing medical attention for sick and injured stray and feral cats! Thank you for your support!