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We are selective in our adoption process and ask questions to ensure our cats get the best forever homes possible.  We want you to understand this is a living being and will be your family member for its entire life (typically 15-20 years.)  It is not a toy or a something to do on a whim.  Adoption is a serious commitment that can be so fulfilling and awarding.  That being said, we want to make sure your home is safe and appropriate so we do require a home visit.  This is why you must be local and we will not adopt a cat to you if you are outside of our area.  We will ask you about your living situation, if animals are allowed where you live or if there are any restrictions (sometimes people forget to lookup their pet policies or ask their landlords if it’s ok). 

We will confirm this will be an indoor-only cat and ask your stance on declawing.  We will also ask about other persons living in the home, allergies, kids, other pets, etc. to get a full understanding of the potential adopter’s situation.  We want to make sure everyone is set up for success and we are adopting the right cats out to the right people.  We know our cats and so we know if they are okay with other animals, good with kids, prefer to be the only pet in the home, are high or low energy, need someone there most of the day or are more self-reliant.  Knowing more about you helps us make sure we match the right cat with the right family.  

Want to make sure the cat is the purrfect match for your existing animals?  Ask us about Foster to Adopt options!

Once you are approved, we will coordinate the home visit with you and go over everything in our adoption contract.  We will collect the adoption fee, and any additional donations you care to make, and determine how to get your new family member home. All of our cats see a local vet who ensures they are dewormed, treated for fleas, tested for FIV/FeLv, spayed/neutered, vaccinated (including rabies) and microchipped.  All of our cats get a full exam and any additional medical concerns are addressed. 

Kittens for Pre-Adoption will be fixed prior to going to their new homes.  We will let you know when the vet schedules the spay/neuter and then when your new kitten will be able to join you at home. 

After adoption, all medical expenses lie with the adopter as it is now officially their cat.  

***Please note not everyone is approved for adopting a Spay the Strays cat. *** If you are declined for adoption, please know it’s nothing personal.  We do all we can to ensure our cats will be in the best forever homes possible.  Many local shelters do not require all that we do, so we may suggest you adopt from them if you do not meet our requirements.  There are so many cats to adopt/save, even if it’s not one of ours. 

***ADOPTERS:  We want every adoption to be forever; however, we realize things can happen.  We never want any of our cats left at a shelter or on the streets.  If for ANY reason you can no longer care for your Spay the Strays adopted cat, you MUST contact us per the adoption contract you signed

Many times, there are other options that will help you and your kitty stay together.  First, be sure to search the internet for any behavioral issues (there are many cat behaviorists out there, such as Jackson Galaxy), check with your vet (many “problems” could be a simple medical/behavioral fix) and be sure to give the kitty time, patience and love.  Cats are territorial animals by nature so getting used to a new home, people, smells, noises, etc. takes time.  Some cats adjust very quickly and others need more understanding.  Like people, every cat is different.  We will help you in any way we can.  If you’ve exhausted all possibilities, please call us and we’ll see what we can do. 

Thank you for your interest in a Spay the Strays kitty!  

You can complete our adoption application here:


We are a foster-network based rescue.  We do not have a shelter or a facility.  We showcase cats at our adoption events and in pet store cat habitats.  Our cats and kittens are available for adoption at the following locations:

  • PETCO at the Loop, located at 3246 N. John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL (at the corner of Osceola Parkway and John Young).  Adoption Events are held here Saturdays & Sundays from 12 - 5pm.  You can also stop by and see some of our kitties at the store any time the store is open.   
  • PETCO at Sunrise Plaza, located at 3201 Vineland Road, Kissimmee, FL.  Check our Facebook Page for periodic Adoption Events Info at this location.  You can stop by and visit some kitties in the store any time the store is open.  
  • PETSMART of Kissimmee, located at 2755 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, FL.  Check our Facebook Page for periodic Adoption Events Info at this location. at this location.  You can swing by and see some kitties at the store any time they are open.  

We can also make arrangements for you to meet our cats in its current foster home during the week.  Please call/text 407-460-2305 to set-up an appointment or for any further adoption questions. To start the adoption process, you can email SpayTheStrays@Aol.Com or call/text our director, Anita, at 407-460-2305 as well.  If you plan to come to one of the adoption events in person, be sure to check the Events section of our Facebook page for dates and times.

All cats have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated (including rabies), tested for FIV/FeLv and treated for fleas and worms and any other health issues determined by our vet.  An adoption fee is required to cover some of the costs of these treatments.

You can view Adoptable Cats any time on this website under the Animals tab on the left hand side of this website or on our Facebook page:

To view the cats currently available for adoption on this website:
  go to the Animals tab on the left side of this site and click on Search.  If you then click on Advanced Search you can select Animal Type-Cat and Status-Available for Adoption.  You can then scroll through all the kitties who are looking for homes.  You can also search specifically by features or even the cat's name.                    

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